sliding scale

I offer a sliding scale to make these services more accessible to those who have limited financial resources. I trust you will select the rate that is right for you and will not ask you to explain your use of the scale.

Sliding scale prices begin at

60 min: $70
80 min: $90

Clients who pay at the lower end of the scale often:

  • stress about meeting basic needs (food, housing, transportation, healthcare);
  • qualify for public assistance;
  • are unemployed, or work multiple jobs to meet basic needs; or
  • experience discrimination in hiring or pay level

Clients who pay on the higher end or full price tend to:

  • have expendable income and/or access to financial savings;
  • work part-time or are unemployed by choice;
  • have access to family money/resources; or
  • have a relatively high degree of earning potential due to level of education, class background, etc

I reserve a number of sessions to offer for barter, on a donation basis, or for free to those who are part of an underserved community or in need. If you think my services would be helpful for your healing process, please send me an email telling me how I can help and what you’re able to offer: